Wayfinders Members Quick Web Directory

Some of our featured members:

Bob Ascah, PhD, Public Policy,    https://abpolecon.ca/

Lloyd Kenney, Performance Planning,       https://performanceplanning.ca/

Dave Yadallee, NetKnow (web hosting),  https://www.nk.ca/about-us.php

Vanessa Ali, AliCat Graphics,      https://shop.alicatgraphics.ca/

Litzy Beaza, M.A., Consultant,    https://www.architequity.com/

David Boroditski, Arrai Software,                 https://www.arrai.com/

Katrina Ingram, M.A., Ethically Aligned AI,               https://www.ethicallyalignedai.com/

Evelinne Crawford, Caliber Insurance,     https://www.caliberinsurancebrokers.com/

Candy Khan, PhD. Canden Consulting,    https://candenconsulting.ca/

Louis Grenier, M.A. , Co-Option Consulting,           http://www.co-options.ca/index.html

Clare Paulson, Better Leaders,                    https://www.betterleaders.ca/

David Ushko, CPA, Chartered Public Accountant,                 https://davidushko.ca/

Michael Gilazghi, Fantastic Cleaning, https://www.fantasticclean.ca/

Rod Olstad, Edmonton Suzuki Strings (music),     https://edmontonsuzukistrings.ca/

Erik Estrada, Flaming Soft (software),       https://flamingsoftinc.com/

Dean Heuman, Focus Communications, https://www.focuscom.ca/

David Dodge, Green Energy Futures,         https://www.greenenergyfutures.ca/

Paul Cheung, Han TV,       http://hantv.ca/

Abhishek Jariwala, Inntechfuture (software),         https://www.inntechfuture.com/

Connor Nichols, CBN Marketing http://www.cbnmarketing.ca/

Scott Hechbert, PhD., GeoSim,  https://www.geosim.ca/

Shannon Berry, Virtual Assistant,               https://www.madwomenva.c/

Yvonne Chui, Multicultural Heath Brokers,              http://mchb.org/

Krayem Ajjawi    WebCreation365             www.webcreation365.com

Leo Campos, The Community Network Group,       www.TCNG.ca

William Fritzberg, M.A., Design   https://www.williamfritzberg.com/

Kirsha Campbell, CPA The CashLab         https://www.thecashlab.ca/

Mark Botkin, Alberta Data Systems,          https://www.xenomorphix.com/

Gordon Edmiston, Right Real Estate,        http://rightrealestate.ca/

Kevin Douangmany, The Resplendent Cave (gaming events),          https://www.theresplendentcave.com/

Yasushi Ohki, Green Violin Community Development Company,   https://www.greenviolin.ca/

Daina Benson, Keep It Neat (office organizer),   http://keepitneat.ca

Stephen Parkes, Management Consulting,             https://smallbusinessstephen.com/

Glen Ronald, Spark – The Branding Shop Inc,         https://www.spark.ca/

Marita Jonker Louwrens, Compassion Seniors Care, http://www.compassionseniorcare.ca/

Rodrigo Pineyros, Pineyros General Cleaning,       https://www.facebook.com/PineyrosGralCleaning/

Paul Belanger, Living Design Systems (home construction),           http://sunandstraw.com/

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, https://efcl.org/

If you are a member of Wayfinders Business Co-operative and you want to be listed here, or if you want to change any information posted here, let us know your request.

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