Management Self-Assessment


Running a business involves navigating a complex landscape of decisions, priorities, and information. To help you assess your current state of managing information and complexity, we’ve created a self-assessment checklist. This will guide you in reflecting on key aspects of your entrepreneurial journey.

Please check the boxes that best reflect your current experience:

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1. Email Management:
2. Decision Confidence:
3. Focus and Productivity:
4. Priority Setting:
5. Delegation Skills:
6. Adaptability to Change:
7. Organizational Tools:
8. Time Management:
9. Continuous Learning:
10. Overall Stress Level:

Interpretation of Results:

  • If you checked more items in the first line, you demonstrate strong skills in managing information and complexity.
  • If you checked more items in the second line, there may be areas where you could benefit from enhancing your skills and strategies.

Next Steps:

Wayfinders is developing a program to help Members enhance their skills in managing information and complexity. Using the ADKAR change management model, this program will guide you through the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement stages. Stay tuned for updates and take advantage of this valuable resource to further strengthen your entrepreneurial journey.

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